Crane Safety Public Speaker

by Boom Visibility on June 24, 2013


Public speaking is different than training in that a speaker is presenting information on a topic and usually speaks for less than one hour.  Although some speaking engagements run longer, most are brief and concise, limited to a single topic.  When choosing a speaker for a crane conference or other engagement, look for an experienced speaker with a strong background in all aspects of cranes and rigging.  A speaker with field experience and a complete understanding of ASME standards and OSHA regulations can help attendees navigate complex rules and regulations.  A good public speaker must be able to hold the audience’s attention while explaining complex or difficult ideas.

A lot of accidents and even deaths occur in construction and industry due to lack of safety awareness.  Cranes have evolved significantly since their first use, and crane professionals may work for years without retraining.  In some cases the only refresher training an operator, supervisor or lift director may have is in the form of annual conferences or other industry events.  Consider any opportunity to share current knowledge and awareness with your to crane professionals.

You can find a knowledgeable crane safety public speaker when you call the Crane Training Experts at Becket Training & Consulting.  Our company employs professional speakers who can help crane operators become great operators.

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