Public Speaker for Crane Safety

by Boom Visibility on September 16, 2013

Dave Decker, Becket Training & Consulting

The right speaker paired with the right message, matched to your audience

Finding the right public speaker for your crane and rigging conference can be difficult.  But finding the right speaker make all the difference in the world.   A good public speaker must have a good stage presence and create an interesting and enjoyable atmosphere, where the audience will be engaged.  A good public speaker must also be subject matter expert, who is completely familiar and comfortable with the topic he or she will present.  He or she must be comfortable with questions the audience will ask and not shy away from questions for fear of being embarrassed.

When it comes to speaking about cranes and rigging, few people are more comfortable speaking than Dave Decker, President of Becket Training & Consulting.  Whether the topic is crane operations, rigging, lift planning or the responsibilities of the lift director, Dave Decker’s years of experience in the field and on the podium make him a uniquely qualified public speaker for crane safety.

Dave Decker’s experience and resources are the reason he is so uniquely qualified to provide expert insight into the world of cranes and rigging.  He speaks to all aspects of Crane Operations, Safety, Rigging and lift planning.  At Becket Training & Consulting we deliver a customized presentation based on the needs of your audience, that meets your budget and time constraints.

We know how hard you work at planning a meeting, training or conference.  From your first inquiry to final content details, Becket Training & Consulting will take the pressure off you, allowing you to do what you do best – run your business!  Finding the right public speaker to deliver your message clearly, while maintaining audience interest is paramount.

When it comes to crane and rigging industry standards and regulations, Dave Decker is qualified to speak on OSHA ASME/ANSI and other crane industry regulations and standards.

Becket Training and Consulting is concerned about the safety of the people who are operating cranes as well as the safety of the riggers, signalpersons, lift directors and other personnel affected by weight handling operations.

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