The Importance of Crane Maintenance Training

by Boom Visibility on September 6, 2014

Crane operators  undergo training so that they can do their work properly.  Today, there are schools online that provide crane maintenance, overhead hoist, and rigging gear inspection training.

Why You Need Crane Maintenance Training

The goal of crane training should be to improve safety for all of your employees. The mission of is to provide the necessary training to crane operators, riggers signalpersons, crane mechanics, crane electricians and lift directors so that efficiency and safety can be improved on the job.  Good crane maintenance training should be job specific.  Crane mechanics should learn the fundamental skills needed to properly repair and maintain load bearing and load controlling parts of the crane, such as brakes and hoists.  Crane electricians should learn the fundamental skills needed to properly repair and maintain electrical components of the crane such as controllers, motors and brake coils.  All crane maintenance personnel, regardless of discipline, need to be trained in Lockout/Tag-out regulations.  Crane training companies like Becket Training & Consulting offer Lockout/Tag-out training either as part of the maintenance training curriculum or as a separate class or module.  Ask your training provider for more information on Lockout/Tag-out training.

Valve lockout

Quality Crane Maintenance Training

If you are a crane owner or crane manager you are probably already aware of the importance of a well rained crane team.   Your crane team needs periodic training to ensure your workforce is ready to meet the demands of an ever changing industry.  Crane industry standards and regulations are constantly changing.  Crane maintenance personnel in particular need to know and understand current requirements as well as new techniques and materials for mechanical and electrical repairs and adjustments.  Safety and efficiency are the two most important elements to consider when determining the best training for your maintenance personnel.  With proper training the work that your mechanics and electricians perform can be accomplished efficiency without compromising the safety of co-workers and other people in the area.

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