Crane Training in the US

by Boom Visibility on August 6, 2012

Crane Training in the US – An Overview

There has been growing awareness on workers’ safety in the construction industry.  “How to improve crane safety” is one of the chief concerns of OSHA and construction workers.  Therefore there has been a significant advancement in crane technologies to create a safer work environment.

There have been significant improvements in safety laws and crane training programs in the US.  However, there is still a lot more to improve upon.  Let’s discuss the results of a survey conducted by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).

NCCCO Survey

The NCCCO survey polled hundreds of certified crane operators who had more than 30 years of experience.  They were asked what the chief cause of work related accidents was.

The most common answer was- inadequate crane training and experience.  Some operators also cited improper management, time anxiety, and neglect of ground conditions as major causes of accidents.

Crane Operators Appreciate the Training

An overwhelming number of experienced crane operators emphasized on the role of crane training in job-site safety.  They stressed the need for proper knowledge about the cranes.  Most of them agreed that the certification is necessary to produce proficient workers.

Experienced crane operators laid emphasis on proper crane training for all employees, beginners as well as veterans.  As crane technology is rapidly advancing even the veteran operators need to be updated on new types of cranes.

Crane Training in the US-Tips for Crane Operation

With regards to crane operations, they strongly recommended putting safety above everything else.  They further said that beginners should not hesitate to consult their more-experienced counterparts.

NCCCO certification

A majority of crane operators spoke in favor of the NCCCO crane operator certification.  It is widely accepted that this certification stands as a clear testimony to crane operation skills.

What is a Crane Training and Testing Program?

You can earn certification by attending and passing any accredited crane testing program.  The essential elements of crane training and testing programs are crane safety and supervision, and crane rigging with written and practical exams,.

The goal of a crane training program is to improve skill and expertise in crane operators. Its role in reducing accidents can’t be overlooked.

Benefits of Crane Training Programs

Employee negligence is one of the most common causes of job-related accidents. It is also one of the most avoidable causes. Crane training programs in the USA not only instruct how to operate a crane, but also how to install and dismantle it properly. Both are crucial to avoiding workplace fatalities.

Crane training significantly reduces the risk of loss of lives and property damage. Furthermore, it creates more job opportunities for people.

How to Select a Program about Crane Training in the US?

There are various training programs designed to suit your schedule. When selecting a crane training company, you must keep certain points in mind. Given the wide range of cranes that are available, you must find a training program suitable for the crane you are going to operate.  Choose a well qualifiedcrane training company. Your crane training expenses, no matter how big, are in direct proportion to your safety.  Contact us today for more information on Crane Training in the US!

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