Lift Evaluation and Planning

Lift Planning and ConsultingWorking closely with your team, we will move quickly to assess and evaluate the options available, including evaluation of your crane & rigging lift plan, review compliance with applicable regulations and standards and lift recommendations.

We will help you plan your lift:

  • Observe site conditions
  • Determine weights of loads and load placement
  • Determine required capacities for cranes and lifting equipment
  • Review load charts to determine suitability of cranes for each lift
  • Evaluate your crane & rigging lift plan
    • Consider site-specific lifting concerns
    • Determination of standard or critical lift plan
  • Review compliance with applicable regulations and standards
    • ASME B30 and P30 standards
    • ANSI standards
    • OSHA regulations
    • State and Local regulations
  • Crane and rigging lift recommendations