Military Crane Training

Military CraneCrane and rigging training offered in accordance with NAVFAC P-307 to Navy and Marine Corps enlisted personnel, employees and contractors to achieve and maintain compliance with the requirements of NAVFAC P-307.

NAVFAC P-307 training courses provide basic, fundamental, trade related information for the operation, rigging, maintenance, inspection, and testing of weight handling equipment (WHE) at Navy shore activities.  These courses will acquaint personnel with Navy requirements to safely perform WHE related tasks.

Becket Training & Consulting teaches NAVFAC P-307 Section 13 training courses and Appendix N knowledge and competency requirements related to:

  • Category I Cranes
  • Category II Cranes
  • Category III Cranes
  • Category IV Cranes


Courses include:

  • Crane Mechanic
  • Mobile Crane Mechanic
  • Mechanical Crane Inspector
  • Crane Electrician
  • Electrical Crane Inspector
  • Load Test Director
  • Certifying Official

  • Crane Rigger
  • Rigging Gear Inspection
  • Category I Crane Operator, initial and refresher
  • Category II Crane Operator, initial and refresher
  • Category III Crane Operator
  • Category IV Crane Operator, initial and refresher

Please let us help you determine which courses your employees will need to be compliant.

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