On-Site Training for All Types of Cranes

Crane operator in trainingBecket Training & Consulting delivers the highest standards of service, together with effective crane & rigging safety training. Training is based on applicable OSHA regulations and ASME standards, and can be customized to meet your local and organizational requirements.

We offer crane and rigging training in accordance with NAVFAC P-307 to Navy and Marine Corps enlisted personnel, employees and contractors to achieve and maintain compliance with the requirements of NAVFAC P-307.

Becket Training & Consulting provides training for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Navy construction contractors. Training is based on the current revision of USACE EM 385-1-1, chapters 15 and 16 and applicable national standards.

Our on-site, interactive training programs are taught by top-notch experts known for their ability to engage an audience and build the rapport necessary for learning and attaining measurable results. Classes address the needs of novice and experienced workers and are regularly updated to ensure course content reflects current industry regulations and standards.


Crane Operator Training

Overhead Crane

Overhead crane

Portal Crane

Portal crane

Floating Crane

Floating crane

Mobile Crane

Mobile crane

STS Container Crane

STS container cranes

You will learn about:

Cranes and Hoisting Equipment

  • Personnel Qualifications
  • Classification of Equipment and Training of Operators
  • Inspection Criteria
  • Safety Devices and Operational Aids
  • Testing
  • Operation
  • Critical Lifts
  • Environmental Conditions

Crane Signals

  • Standard Hand Signals
  • Standard Voice Signals
  • Audible Signals
  • New Signals


  • Personnel Qualifications
  • Multiple-lift Rigging
  • Slings, Chain, Wire Rope, Metal Mesh, Synthetic Rope, Webbing and Roundslings
  • Rigging Hardware
  • Rigging Gear Inspection
  • Proper Rigging Techniques
  • Sling Angle Tension
  • And  more

Types of Cranes Covered

  • Hydraulic R/T and Truck Cranes
  • Lattice Boom, Truck and Crawler Cranes
  • Floating Cranes and Derricks
  • Overhead and Gantry Cranes
  • Monorail and Pillar Cranes
  • Bulkhead and Auxiliary Cranes
  • Crane Supported Personnel (work) Platforms

Why on-site training?

Given the current economic climate, training employees is just as important as controlling budgets. Our on-site programs allow you to supply quality training and keep your budget on target.  Training and testing provided at your facility allowing your staff to test on familiar equipment while reducing employee down-time and travel costs.

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