Crane & Rigging Program Evaluation

Safety Review & Improvement CoachingWe will visit work and storage areas to observe crane & rigging condition and operations for evidence of inspection record and compliance deficiencies and violations of applicable standards and regulations. With permission from the client, we will interview employees to determine level of experience and effectiveness of existing training programs and assignment responsibilities.

An independent evaluation of your crane & rigging program and equipment including:

  • Review and evaluation of the general condition of cranes and rigging at your location
  • Review of inspection records
  • Recommendations for compliance with applicable regulations
    • ASME B30 and P30 standards
    • ANSI standards
    • OSHA regulations
    • State and Local regulations

  • Review personnel competence, qualifications and certifications
  • Review assignment of responsibilities
  • Provide a detailed final report of:
    • Findings with regulatory references and pictures if allowed by the client
    • Recommendations for improvement / compliance