Expert Witness

by Boom Visibility on May 25, 2012

Expert Witness

Crane and Rigging Expert Witness – An Overview

Crane lifting and rigging involves a lot of work as well as a lot of risk.  It is important to keep in mind that certain standards and regulations must be always followed in the use of equipment as well as how people go about doing their work when it comes to handling lifting and rigging equipment.

In spite of our best efforts accidents do sometimes happen.  Crane accidents often result in litigation.  Since most lawyers are not crane and rigging experts, many rely on a crane and rigging expert witness.

Role of a crane and rigging expert witness

A crane and rigging expert witness is often called upon to help in investigation of accidents involving crane lifting operations and associated igging.

A crane and rigging expert witness can also help people who wish to assess how much liability they can expect when it comes to failure or problems concerning rigging products.

The crane and rigging expert is sometimes in called upon to assess whether the equipment purchased or in use for lifting and rigging is suitable.

Benefits of hiring a crane and rigging expert witness

crane and rigging expert witness is trained in the use of crane and rigging products and is also aware of how material and equipment should be handled.  This simply means that he could tell you if something is not being done the right way at your site.

This professional can point out safety hazards at the site as well as help in reviewing safety and lift plans.  In other words, this one professional can provide you with all the information you need about the latest and the best practices in the industry.

There have been many instances where a crane and rigging expert witness has been hired to analyze and solve specific rigger, crane operator or signal person problems too.

Why should you hire a crane and rigging expert witness?

To reiterate, a crane and rigging expert witness can actually help you achieve higher levels of quality control in terms of material and people management at your construction site or for your company.

Moreover, a certified crane and rigging expert witness can give a fair and accurate estimate when it comes to insurance and accident claims concerning crane or lifting practices.

But most importantly, a rigging expert witness could be hired by you to impart training to your own staff regarding safety norms to be followed, checking and maintaining quality of equipment used and preventing accidents involving material and equipment.

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