Rigger Training

Increase and strengthen rigging and load handling safety skills

Boom tip sheave inspectionRigger training is intended to provide a solid knowledge base for new and experienced riggers.  Delivered by experienced industry professionals, our program combines slides, videos, demonstration and hands-on experience to best serve the learning styles of different riggers and supervisors.

  • Learn to determine the correct slings and rigging equipment to safely perform load handling operations
  • Gain significant and useful rigging knowledge
  • Return to work with a broader understanding and appreciation of the requirements and responsibilities of riggers and rigging supervisors
  • Written and practical exams provide permanent documentation of training

Class topics include:

  • Crane Accidents, Effect on Riggers
  • Rigging Accidents – Causes and Prevention
  • Applicable OSHA & ASME Regulations and Standards
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Slings and Rigging Hardware Identification & Selection
  • Slings and Rigging Hardware Inspection
  • Basic Math Applications in Rigging
  • Load Weight Calculations
  • Crane Dynamics
  • Sling Angle Stress
  • Hitch Selection and Application
  • Crane & Work Area Set-up
  • Sling Hitches & Rated Loads
  • Load Weight Estimation
  • Center of Gravity (CG)

This course is often combined with our Qualified Signalperson training as the rigger on a job may also be the signalperson.  We tailor this or any course we offer to meet your specific safety goals.

For more information on Becket Training & Consulting Rigging Training available in Mexico through Cargo-Lift please contact them directly.

Please contact us to learn more about training customized for your work site.