Safety Training for Cranes

by Boom Visibility on October 4, 2012

Safety is very important in any industry.  Whether you work in the construction industry, sports, or even the banking industry, safety must be taken seriously.  The same is true anywhere cranes and rigging are used for weight handling.  Where there are cranes, there is a higher risk for accidents and other safety issues.  Safety issues are a huge concern for employers and supervisors because their company’s reputation and bottom line is at stake.  Business owners often choose a contractor by reputation, including safety records.  It is essential that contractors maintain a clean record, especially when it comes to safety.  For these reasons, employers should consider incorporating crane safety training for operators and other crane personnel into their safety programs.

Crane Operator Training

Becket Training & Consulting-Safety Training for Cranes

One company that offers high quality safety training is Becket Training & Consulting.  With over 35 years of experience in the crane and rigging industry, they offer training for crane operators, riggers, and signal persons as well as management oversight training.  They also offer quality crane safety training for managers, lift planners and lift directors who plan and oversee operations.  This is important because employers need to know that their employees are doing everything possible to ensure crane safety on-site.   One mistake could cost a person’s life.  Many serious accidents leading to severe injury or death have been caused by lack of knowledge or lack of attention to safety.  Failing to require employees to undergo crane and rigging safety training is a liability; no employer should worry that he has not done enough to prepare his people to work safely with cranes.

Proper Education about Safety Training for Cranes

Becket Training & Consulting provides manufacturers, shippers, contractors and government agencies with the crane safety tools necessary to work safely in construction sites, warehouses, shipping ports and manufacturing facilities.  If you want custom project-specific crane safety training, Becket Training & Consulting can do that for you as well.  Becket’s clients receive high-level technical instruction to ensure they fully understand the safety requirements specific to the work they perform.  There are many OSHA regulations and ASME/ANSI standards you must understand before operating a crane, and Becket Training & Consulting will ensure that all Crane safety training students are properly trained on these requirements.

Becket offers courses intended for Lift Directors and Site Supervisors to help them understand and implement crane and rigging safety in their projects on site.  They will be exposed to the requirements for various cranes and steps for operator pre-use inspection and maintenance.  Becket Training and Consulting will teach ASME/ANSI and OSHA requirements for safely handling loads and equipment.  This will help you ensure safety when employees handle materials using cranes and rigging.

The crane industry is not a place where work can be taken lightly; every lift has to be taken seriously.  From planning, to construction, to handling material, everything must be executed as safely as possible.  There are always risks of accidents, injuries, and possibly death.  Whether you are a supplier, a contractor or a sub-contractor you are responsible for safety.  Companies around the world rely on Becket Training & Consulting to provide safety training for crane operators, riggers, signalpersons and lift directors.

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