Crane and Rigging Evaluations

Independent Third Party Audit

Becket Training & Consulting serves the best interest of the client and their crane & rigging program by identifying program strengths and areas that would benefit from process improvement.

An independent evaluation of your crane & rigging program and equipment includes:

  • Site evaluation
  • Review of training, inspection and records
  • Written report of findings with regulatory references
  • Recommendations for compliance and improvement

Compliance with regulations and standards is vital to the success of your organization. We review your crane & rigging program for compliance and provide a written evaluation using comprehensive protocols.


The audit procedure provides a clear and transparent framework that personnel involved in the audit process can easily understand. Becket will detail your present status and recommend a course of action for a safer crane & rigging program.


We will visit work and storage areas to observe crane & rigging conditions and operations for evidence of training, compliance, deficiencies and violations of applicable standards and regulations. With permission from the client, we will interview employees to determine level of experience and effectiveness of existing training programs.


A detailed final report will document findings and potential violations of applicable regulations and standards. The final report provides clear, accurate guidance and recommendations for mitigation of deficiencies, helping you build a safer crane & rigging program.

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