Cranes are splendid examples of human engineering that are regularly used to move heavy loads in diverse industries across the globe. It is important to remember that specific standards and regulations must be meticulously followed while operating gigantic machines like cranes and the heavy loads they handle.

The level of safety maintained at the site is determined by the way people use the equipment and go about their work while hoisting, handling and rigging heavy loads. Despite all precautions, accidents do happen and often lead to ugly litigations. However, most lawyers are not knowledgeable about crane operations and to fight cases involving crane accidents, companies rely on a expert crane witness.

Demand Areas for a Expert Crane Witness

  • Providing expert witness in case of litigation related to crane accidents is not every layman’s job. In most cases, an expert crane witness is hired by law firms dealing with such accidents to conduct emergency on-site investigations on behalf of their clients. The expert guidance of these witnesses is sought by attorneys so they can evaluate and prepare documentation for the plaintiff, defense or prosecution in cases involving crane accidents.
  • Since they have the technical knowledge to understand the condition of the cranes or the cause of mishap, expert crane witnesses  are often appointed by individual parties or jointly by both aggrieved parties to depose before the court in crane accident litigations.
  • Expert witnesses are knowledgeable in the best safety practices and aware of the correct way of handling equipment and materials. They can be invaluable in pointing out operational lapses and safety hazards within a company that can lead to serious accidents later.
  • Employers hire expert crane witnesses to educate their staff about the latest and best safety norms that need to be followed when dealing with cranes.
  • An expert crane witness is called in to provide an accurate estimate in case of accident claims and insurance.
  • An expert crane witness is in demand for checking operation and and maintenance records of the crane and related parts in case of a of mishap. He also analyzes the suitability of the equipment in lifting the projected load.

Who Can Become An Expert Crane Witness?

Crane accidents are unfortunate mishaps and litigants require properly trained technical experts who can reconstruct the accident accurately and provide correct testimony in court regarding the cause of the accident.

Expert crane witnesses should therefore be NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) qualified personnel like NCCCO-certified crane operators, signal persons, riggers or practical examiners accredited by the NCCCO. Such personnel have in-depth knowledge about safety procedures as outlined by OSHA and years of experience in dealing with cranes.

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