A crane operator is responsible for maneuvering heavy equipment often working without assistance while he is going about his job. Crane operator training is an important part of any company’s overall training program.  Proper training can help reduce the number and severity of crane accidents, which were once considered a cost of doing business in the construction and manufacturing industries.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of proper training and why it has grown to be such an important part of every business.

Crane operator training helps improve jobsite safety

Whether it is the crane operator or the rigger or supervisor working in the fall zone, the staff must be alert and aware of what is normal and how to determine when something is wrong.

This can be done only when the employees are given adequate crane operator training by professionals.  A good training program can help the operator understand when he or she should refuse to make a lift for safety reasons.  This helps improves the overall safety on the job site.

Professional training helps

When you are operating a machine that can weigh hundreds of tons and is capable of lifting equally impressive loads, these machines are capable of causing harm to other people if not properly controlled, you should be properly trained.  Crane operator training helps your staff to do their work in a professional manner rather than relying on instincts, or seat of the pants methods.

Do’s and Don’ts of Crane Operator Training

Good crane operator training teaches the operator about loads and capacities as well as proper inspection and maintenance of cranes.  It also explains safety measures such as not hoisting a load and people at the same time or lifting a load exceeding the rated capacity.

You also learn how damaged, kinked or twisted wire rope can lead to potential failure.  Understanding how to avoid overhead obstructions is also a crucial part of crane operator training.  Learning what to avoid and what to do in emergency situations is all part of the big picture.

More benefits of crane operator training

The most important benefit of crane operator training is that it reduces the risk for both the employer and the staff working at the construction site.  Lifting and handling procedures always involve risk and attempting to achieve these tasks without proper training can prove to be fatal at times as experienced in the past by many in the lifting and handling industry.

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